‘You Do You’ by Fastrack praises youth’s freedom and body positivity

You do you campaign by Fastrack

Fastrack has unveiled the ‘You Do You’ campaign to inspire young people to be body-positive and show compassion without fear by expressing their genuine selves. The film, created by Lowe Lintas, is designed to educate young people on how to be confident and comfortable and live life to its fullest.

The movie depicts a little youngster messaging his partner, who is nearly six feet tall. Despite the fact that the child is significantly shorter than her and is awestruck by her stature, he tells her that he would always ‘look up to her,’ implying that he is not self-conscious but happy in his own skin.

Ajay Maurya, marketing head, Fastrack, said, “One of the tensions taken up by the Fastrack ‘You do You’ campaign is body shaming. Social bullying for being a certain body type causes mental health issues and hinders the overall progression of Gen Zs. Thus, in the first set of campaign films, we look through the lens of owning one’s body and choices.”

Fastrack’s fresh look appeals to the brand’s ever-changing target population. Fastrack’s ‘You Do You’ campaign recognises and promotes Gen Z’s multifaceted personalities and the way they accept their true self.

Sonali Khanna, executive director and branch head, Lowe Lintas, South, said, “As the world comes to terms with a radically altered reality, the youth of today have also demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and explore new ways of expressing themselves. Our objective was to capture the true essence of their multifaceted identities; and tell stories that resonated with their real lives. With ‘You Do You’, Fastrack aims to embolden their authentic selves and continue on their path to fearless self-expression.”


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