A revolutionary campaign to rescue victims from prevailed express-kidnapping crime in Brazil


Express kidnapping has been in the dictionary for a long time, but people are still unfamiliar with the meaning. It occurs when hoodlums take their victims to an ATM and pressurize them to withdraw cash from their accounts. If the victim refuses to give money, it may cost him his life.

Sekron Securities in Brazil has devised a reformist device to solve this particular wrongdoing that is common in Latin America.

The Emergency PIN Code is a module that can be found in ATMs. It enables users to make an alternative pin code that may be input in an ATM in severe conditions.

In the case of an attack, users can enter the backup pin code to secretly notify the health facility while avoiding the kidnapper’s suspicion.

The ATM will be fully functional, and money is disbursed regularly; nevertheless, only a tiny portion of the user’s bank balance is exposed, reducing the number of cash to steal.

Images of the incident are captured by the ATM’s built-in camera and the bank’s security system, then sent to the security centre.

If the kidnapping persists, the customer’s phone app will provide officials with the current GPS report, allowing police to save the victim.


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