Byju’s latest ad featuring Shahrukh Khan shows benefits of two teachers for more effective learning


To promote the debut of its ‘Two Teacher Advantage’ programmes, Byju’s, India’s leading Edtech Company, has released a commercial. The film, which was made for Spring Marketing Capital, tries to show how putting two teachers in a classroom may provide a high-level classroom experience while also helping youngsters achieve logical understanding.

The TV commercial stars Shahrukh Khan and is set to popular music. It covers issues like students unable to grasp simple topics in typical after-school tuition classes, showcasing how Byju’s programme allows children to study more effectively.


While one teacher ensures deeper understanding with visual content and narration, the other responds to prompt questions, actually listens to students’ interests and makes classes more engaging.

Mrinal Mohit, chief operating officer, Byju’s, said, “The TVC aims to present the one-of-its-kind ‘Two Teacher Advantage’ that makes the after-school learning experience very dynamic and redefines the classrooms of tomorrow. We want to further convey that Byju’s classes is the future of tuition and will help students learn better. With Shahrukh Khan being a household name, we are confident that we will be able to bolster our connection with the students.”


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