Dettol introduces social distancing prayer mat to combat resurgence of COVID cases in Pakistan


BBDO Pakistan has created a revolutionary praying mat for Dettol that confirms that everyone on social aspects has been distanced to ensure that Muslims can securely pray in mosques.

Traditional praying mats, or jaanemaz, are 70cm in length, implying that those praying are hobnobbing with one another – nearer than the 2m distance recommended in the UK.

With the resurgence of Covid cases in Pakistan, it became imperative that help be provided. The BBDO and Reckitt Pakistan designed 180cm broad mats for Dettol to ensure that everyone remains at a safe distance.

The mat is made of affordable and sustainable non-tearable paper that can be easily moved up or down and used at different times. Also, on both sides of the design, Urdu calligraphy reminds individuals that “The decision to maintain this distance is one of safety.”

The Social Distancing Prayer Mat arrived at the perfect occasion of the annual Eid celebration, which is attended by millions, set apart with prayers.

Head of marketing for Reckitt, Humayun Farooq, said: “Dettol has and always will be a symbol of protection against disease and illnesses for people to carry out their daily routine in a safe, hygienic way. In line with this promise, the Social Distancing Prayer Mat introduced by Dettol was yet another inspirational tool for people to carry out their routines (such as offering Eid prayers in mosques) in the safest possible way while reminding them of the SOPs especially considering the 4th wave of COVID-19.”


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