DUO Condoms’ controversial campaign suggests prevention of birth of bad guys: A unique way of condom advertising


Condom advertising, obviously, requires encouraging people to have more intercourse and use protection to avoid anything unwanted. So, when it comes to condom commercials, we’ve seen everything from erotic to lustful to wicked to unique and humorous to rigid ads.

However, Renato Designs, an Ecuador-based advertisement agency, decided to attempt something fresh for its client DUO, a global condom company, in the condom ad campaign. DUO levelled up the ad campaign in an unexpected way by using the planet’s most despised figures–Osama Bin Laden, Nicolas Maduro, and Pablo Escobar. “You don’t know what you could bring to the world,” reads the campaign.

The campaign deviates from a conventional pattern seen in most aggressive condom branding crusades, which focuses on the product’s ability or intimacy between couples. Furthermore, it opposes promoting condoms as a method of family planning, although it is popular in India.

This creative marketing campaign for DUO via technique set forth something new to the table, but Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, has sparked some condemnation.


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