E-commerce shopping carts that are simple and effective

E-commerce shopping carts that are simple and effective
E-commerce shopping carts that are simple and effective

In today’s digital age, we can do grocery shopping without lugging a shopping cart throughout the store. We can shop for clothing without having to wait in changing room lines. We can even get pharmaceuticals delivered right to our door. The e-Commerce industry is flourishing, and it’s more crucial than ever for companies to improve their products and services and ensure online accessibility.

Adding a shopping cart to your e-commerce site without much coding hassle

There was a time when adding a shopping cart to an existing website appeared to be an impossible task for the typical website owner. Fortunately, we no longer need to specialize in coding, page interface tools, and payment processing. There are several options available to let you add a shopping cart to any website in a couple of minutes. Many websites offer shopping cart platforms without any code requirements, while some other efficient platforms offer shopping carts with minimum coding needs. The advanced platforms that need coding have also simplified their processes. With a simple copy-paste method for HTML code, you can add several shopping carts in no time.

Hence, it doesn’t have to be difficult to sell online. You’ll be able to instantly list your items, accept payments, and handle shipment without any hassle if you choose the right e-commerce platform.

New-age shopping cart platforms for website

  • Sellfy shopping cart

It is a hosted shopping cart platform that allows you to quickly and easily add shopping functionalities to any existing blog or website. You may add HTML code into your shopping basket and embed it anywhere you like, like on your blog or WordPress website. For this, you have to copy the produced code from the embedded shopping cart window (the code will remain the same for all items). And then, paste it into the website HTML.

  • Plug&paid

Plug&paid is a full-featured online shopping cart that simplifies and streamlines e-commerce. With only a few clicks and a smidgeon of code, you can create an endless number of shopping carts for your online platform. Plug&paid makes it as simple as copy-paste to turn your site into a business – With simple HTML code, you can sell online instantly. Simply build a plug (your shopping cart) to get started, and you’ll be ready to sell in no time.

  • Ecwid

Ecwid describes itself as the “as simple as uploading a YouTube video” shopping cart solution. It is intended for several platforms, including WordPress, Instagram, Weebly, and Facebook sites. It has over 1.5 million merchants in 175 countries and is highly popular. Ecwid supports more than 50 languages and integrates with more than 40 payment gateways to sell online. This service provides a high level of protection. The firm claims to be “a PCI DSS verified Level 1 Service Provider, and is the gold standard for e-commerce platforms globally”. It can work with Amazon Web Services-powered mobile devices, such as smartphones.

  • Square

There’s no need to switch between applications or wade through spreadsheets to access client information. Your online and offline orders are all kept under one dashboard. Square boasts some of the greatest onboarding in the industry. You must complete a brief questionnaire about your company and its requirements when you sign up. Depending on your needs, you may create a single booking page, a whole online store, or simply checkout links. The default theme will also be modified to reflect the business category you choose.

  • Shopify

Shopify has been active for about 15 years, with over a million merchants created on its platform. The platform has been extensively acclaimed for being code-free, requiring no knowledge of website development to set up and operate. While Shopify checks the majority of the boxes straight away, its flexibility and app store are the things that make it so strong. Shopify offers ten free themes and over 50 premium themes beginning at $140. Go to Themes and then click Visit Theme Store under Theme Library to view them. Isn’t that a good choice? However, because Shopify is so popular, there are over 1,200 themes accessible on ThemeForest.Shopify supports all major payment cards and offers a quick checkout process via Shopify Pay or Apple Pay.


Understanding your consumers’ needs is critical to running a successful eCommerce business. Incorporating a robust online shopping cart platform will boost your market position in today’s cutting-edge competitive environment.


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