Google commemorates 75th year of India’s independence with Doodle showing Indian dancing forms


On Sunday, as India celebrated its 75th Independence Day, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai rushed to Twitter to thank Kolkata-born craftsman Sayan Mukherjee for a magnificent Doodle depicting several types of traditional dance shows.

“Happy 75th Independence Day, India! Wishing everyone a safe and happy celebration:) Many thanks to our guest artist Sayan Mukherjee for this year’s beautiful Doodle,” Pichai posted.

A traditional Bharatnatyam lifestyle is depicted in the Google Doodle on the left as a tribute to the most well-known Indian dance style, which dates back 3,000 years in Tamil Nadu.

Mukherjee stated that when he got closer to the pieces of art at the Doodle, he began to think about India’s opulent past, culture, and lifestyle, among other things.

“Since India is such a vast country with such a diverse population, there is only one thing that holds all of us together, and that is our unity in diversity. I tried to capture that from the Doodle,” he noted.

He used several Indian dance styles to demonstrate the country’s diversity by bringing them together on stage in a flawless performance.  That exemplifies the diversity of unity. The strength of India’s unity is what binds its people together. Mukherjee hopes that the Doodle inspires people to do the same.


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