International Dog Day campaign by Supertails highlights the language of love


Supertails.com, an all-exclusive shop for pet food and supplies, has launched a video marketing campaign in honour of August 26th, International Dog Day. The marketing campaign celebrates the simple joys of canine parenthood, as well as the particular language we establish with our pets.

The ad provides the impression to viewers that our pets do not perceive us in a different light based on our whereabouts. We can talk with our dogs in any language we want, but they only understand and accept the language of affection. According to the video, “Aaja,” “Vaa,” and “Come” are all indistinguishable from a referenced dog’s to affectionately.

Supertails applauds the friendship, love, and connection that India’s dog parents value with their pups by this marketing push.

Supertails founder Varun Sadana revealed that the company held over 2000 online vet sessions and communicated with over 5000 dog parents across the country. One of the most stunning pieces of information the organisation gleaned from the meetings was the language diversity. The commercial campaign highlighted India’s different lifestyles and how pets help to bring them together. There is no way dogs know Rajasthani or Gujarati or any other language, but they surely know the language of love.


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