Kanye West unveils a $200 Music Gadget in tandem with his upcoming album ‘Donda’


Kanye West, or ‘Ye West,’ is heading above and beyond to promote his next tenth studio album, “Donda” (named for his late mother, Donda West). West also announces the release of Stem Player, a $200 music gadget under his Yeezy Tech label, on the upcoming LP. The product aims to separate stems, unusual variables such as vocals, bass, examples, and drums. It has the ability to transfer effects and remix track elements as per the website.

Stem Player by Kanye West

The device is said to transport a spic and span copy that has been pre-stacked. A FAQ on the website adds to the support. However, while the product is being sent out in connection with “Donda,” it may be used for any song.

Surprisingly, the device was developed in collaboration with Kano, a London-based startup known for an unmistakable form of STEM item. The gadget also credits Kano at the rear of its silicone pores and skin exterior with a Yeezy Tech x Kano branding.

Throughout the interview around his previous album, “Jesus Is King,” in 2019, West had a look at the device (or its archetype). It was, by all accounts, a collaboration with the design group Teenage Engineering at the time. ” This portable stem player that we designed with Teenage Engineering for this album and the albums before it is to spread the gospel,” West told Zane Lowe at the time.

This product is ready to ship in the middle of the year.


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