Airbnb is helping Afghan refugees with a safe place to stay


Following the Taliban’s military takeover, Airbnb, the well-known property rental service, is proposing temporary accommodation spaces for 20,000 Afghan refugees around the world.

The Taliban was originally driven from Afghanistan’s government in 2001 by US-led forces but have since retaken control of the country in response to the US military’s decision to evict all American soldiers from the land.

‘We are providing this housing through resettlement agencies and partners, who are in direct coordination with refugees and are advising on their needs for the length of stay,” an Airbnb spokesperson explained.

Approximately 28,000 Afghans have been granted thus far, while so many more are still awaiting approval. Previously, a total of 165 exiles in the United States were housed in guarded residences.

Despite the fact that Airbnb anticipates the living arrangements would not survive indefinitely, a spokesperson for the company stated that Airbnb is not just offering temporary (not permanent) lodging but is also committed to housing these families for as long as they require it.



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