Kia India partnered with InMobi to influence customers’ minds with visual experience of AI Voice Command


Kia India, a global South Korean automaker, wanted to grab potential consumers’ attention, so it introduced them to the AI Voice Command feature – ‘Hello, Kia.‘ Drivers can now use voice commands to control vital functions while keeping their eyes on the road. Kia India teamed up with InMobi to market fascinating features that will surely please car enthusiasts around the nation.

Kia India used InMobi Audiences to blend demographic, technographic, and geographical signals to discover target audiences aged 25 to 45 years old, including luxury residents, city occupants, high-income customers, and clientele with high-end cell phones. The vivid enjoyment in it truly pushed this marketing campaign to the side. The full-show interstitial adverts resembled the enjoyment of the AI Voice Command at connected clients’ primary apparatus.

Source: InMobi

The commercial began with a basic request to swipe the ad across the display. Customers may issue commands to the following three ad viewpoints by swiping the cards, offering them a glimpse into the visual experience of the AI Voice Command in the latest Kia Sonet.

The call-to-action ‘Learn More’ directed users to Kia’s Sonet product page for more information. Clients understood Kia India’s high user experience with their vital improvements thanks to their ongoing understanding of how the voice order works.

The perfect mixture of the correct audience and the vibrant full-show interstitial commercials resulted in exceptional outcomes. Kia reached nearly 1.09 million unique customers throughout this marketing campaign, with one out of every two customers liking the entire ad unit. Given that the average time spent at the ad unit is 45 seconds, the overall typical time spent at the ad unit has been calculated to be a colossal 1500 hours.

Guess collaboration with InMobi helped Kia India significantly influence and stick in its target audience’s minds.


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