“Not Your Mother’s Tiffany” campaign by Tiffany & Co. sparks outrage among loyal shoppers


The iconic blue box is the identity of Tiffany and Co., a luxury jewellery brand that enjoys worldwide popularity. It’s every girl’s dream to own the blue Pandora box full of diamonds and pearl jewellery.

However, as young millennials and Gen Z cohort spend more and more money on basic things instead of high-end jewels, the buyer base is turning into older adults or boomers.

LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) is taking a radical way to stay current and bring Tifanny further up the luxury pyramid by thoroughly overhauling the brand to attract younger buyers.

‘Not Your Mother’s Tiffany’ is a recent promotional campaign, harsh, gritty, and insulting. The days of Tiffany’s timeless elegance, famous for decades, are long gone.

As many may have concluded from the posters, the new language approach and brassy tone aren’t settling well with the brand’s long-time customers.

In any case, a company the size of Tiffany’s does not take unplanned risks. The new advertising aims to entice Gen Z clients by 2025, accounting for 45 percent of overall luxury sales. While the marketing campaign excludes old customers, Tiffany hopes that as more youthful, design-conscious customers return to the company, old customers will return.

But does that really works? Focusing on both is a well-defined way to maintain a brand and customers’ dignity. Indeed, Tiffany will come up with something relevant to all the cohorts. But for the time being, the campaign ‘Not Your Mother’s Tiffany’ looks like a backlash to older customers.


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