This French Campaign alerts about environment issues by portraying bleak possibilities for living on other planets


Confronting the risk of climate change, it’s tempting to believe that a higher presence exists in a distant cosmic system. Hence, a French organization seeks to bring people back to Earth and fight for the planet’s survival.

INRAE, France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, founded in 2020, is running a campaign that shows the chance of human life surviving on planets outside of the Milky way galaxy.

Thanks to a film and a slew of banners, the chances of essential food items forming or being found on exoplanets are slim. The likelihood of finding water on one planet is 0.0000000043%, whereas the chance of producing wheat is 0.000000001%. The odds are pretty grim!

Source: INRAE

The ads remind people of the pressing need to improve the Earth and help the environment. It also improves understanding of INRAE’s work for resolving food and farming difficulties.

Josiane, an online French agency, made the promotional effort. Jérôme Diez, creative director of Josiane, said in a statement, “As we destroy our planet, we all dream of a better world in a distant galaxy. Science fiction and the electric car industry have turned it into a lucrative business. With this campaign, we are breaking the lure of a saving exoplanet to encourage focus on the one planet that truly promises us a future, our own.”


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