Royal Enfield’s new film depicts one’s safe haven is ‘Home’


The British motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield has released a new digital film about the significance of coming back home. Coconut Films’ film ‘Home’ depicts a solo traveller riding a motorcycle through Ladakh, with the wheels spelling out the beauty of life underneath them. The film has been released digitally through social media platforms, aimed at all bicycle aficionados.

The brand film, shot in Ladakh, explores many sensations and emotions associated with returning to one’s safe haven—home. It represents a solo traveller’s feelings and what she encounters on her way home, such as remembering over joyful moments while riding her bike across a long distance.

Tushar Raut, co-founder, Coconut Films, said, “When in the middle of a chaos, what keeps one grounded are the roots. And these very roots remain underground. What really works in moments like that is pausing, perhaps taking a step back, and returning to our roots. Just to remind the purpose of one’s life. And why we started it in the first place. This film has our soul in it.”

Shubhranshu Singh, global head marketing, Royal Enfield, said, “As a brand we welcome creative expression and are fortunate to be at the heart of an evolved community of gifted creators. ’Home’ is an evocative piece of content by Coconut Films that tells a heartfelt story in a very authentic manner.”

The film says the fundamental idea about travelling is that ‘going the distance is not about how far away you will get, but from what length you’re willing to return.’


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