Users can now sign in to Twitter with an iOS or Gmail account


The popular American microblogging and social networking service, Twitter has finally added third-party login capability, allowing users to sign in accounts and log in to the platform using their Apple or Google accounts.

Customers can also link their current Twitter account with an Apple or Google account, according to The Verge, as long as the emails are not different.

This feature was said to have been in Twitter beta last month, but it now looks to be more generally available. The signup process is a simplified version of the standard procedure because there are no emails or passwords to worry about.

Currently, the sign-in experience is not ubiquitous. According to Twitter Support, signing in with Google is possible on iOS, Android, and the Web. Still, it is currently only possible on iOS, even though web support is coming soon. The current version of the Twitter for Mac computer programme does not appear to support both login methods.

Signing into an Apple account on Android does not appear to be possible. The ‘Continue with Apple’ button is missing, and using your Apple ID password to check in to Twitter does not appear to work.

Customers might also be unable to change their password after creating an account with an Apple login since the web page will prompt them for their current password.

Although a Twitter help page mentions the ability to terminate an Apple or Google account, it is only available over the internet. Apple users are currently unable to log in. After disconnecting their accounts, Google customers can reset their passwords.

The fact that Google and Apple are introducing their sign-in procedures at the same time is no coincidence. If the app accepts other third-party logins, Apple’s app store guidelines require apps to feature Apple as an option.


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