Video Landing Pages: The best video marketing tactic yet


Video is gaining popularity in the marketing world which is no surprise since businesses have prioritised video marketing strategy. Adding video into the landing pages can appeal to expanding customer base and advertising products, services or brands. So, is it worth necessarily using videos on the landing pages? Let’s have a look at major possibilities.

Video marketing is in trend for good reason as videos reduce bounce rates, enhance conversion rates by 80%, and tell a narrative in a more personal way. The bonus of creating a video landing page is that it allows the audience to be introduced to the content a brand attempting to convey more easily. But that only happens when the video is compelling enough to make people click on it.

The audience is only drawn to the content with awe, humour, anger, suspense, empathy, and other emotions. In fact, the average time spent by a visitor on a website is less than 15 seconds. This becomes quite difficult for marketers in capturing the interest of their audience. However, there are some lifesaving ways to conquer this challenge.

Short, straightforward & interactive videos are always welcome, and hosting them on relevant platforms like Vimeo and YouTube is essential. These are visually pleasing and give off a more sophisticated vibe.

Now, showing the video on the top of the content makes the viewer click on the video instead of scrolling down. Every marketer should fancy an appealing thumbnail. Directional visual signals can significantly boost the video play rate since they naturally cause viewers to follow the signals’ direction. Use ‘press to play’ for videos rather than auto-playing the videos. Adding subtitles is a preferable option for communicating information, for instance, to people with a hearing impairment or stamping out the linguistic difference.

There’s a chance that your video landing page may not be soft on everyone, but there’s always someone out there with a problem that your only brand video can solve.

So, it’s time for lights, camera and call to action.



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