Anti-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics Village; Brand’s responds with ‘self-satisfying’ message


Several people’s dating and intercourse lifestyles were interrupted last year due to social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions. While rules have been established for day-to-day life, allowing singles to mix, the Olympics players have no choice but to take self-responsibility.

The internet went crazy when word got out about ‘Anti-Sex’ mattresses in the Tokyo Olympic Village. These are cardboard beds that can only support one person’s weight and break down if a player decides to have a little fun.

In any event, gymnast Rhys McClenaghan uploaded a video of himself leaping on the bed to demonstrate how sturdy the cardboard beds are while stating that it was just a fake rumour about the beds.

In reaction to Rhys’ video and the internet talks about the beds, a self-pleasure brand known as Tulipan responded to stories by saying that the brand will provide the athletes self-pleasure items like toys and lubricants.

Condoms were first given to the athletes in the Seoul Olympics 1988; this is the second time they were distributed. Nonetheless, this year, the Olympians appear to be limited to sex toys and personal gels for self-satisfaction. Tulipan and BBPO Argentina, both manufacturers of sexual pleasure, have collaborated to provide the Olympians with self-satisfying products.


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