Tailor Brands raises $50M in Series C Funding with goal to be all-in-one SaaS platform for small businesses


Tailor Brands, an Israel-based startup, is the world’s first AI-powered logo and site design and branding platform, allowing thousands of customers worldwide to jumpstart their businesses with intuitive branding and design tools. The platform ushered in with automated repair, which uses AI to assist small businesses in creating logos, developing websites, obtaining domains, creating social media content, and even designing branded items.

Tailor Brands has recently raised $50 million in a Series C funding round. According to discussions between Tech Crunch and Yali Saar, founder and CEO of Tailor Brands, a firm headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv, is now putting together the ingredients for an all-inclusive SaaS ecosystem similar to WeChat. It will offer the design, branding, advertising and promoting services that a small business owner requires to deliver and grow operations quickly.

Yali, Tom & Nadav – Founders of Tailor Brands

GoDaddy headed the funding round as a key partner and was joined by OurCrowd and current investors Pitango Growth, Mangrove Capital Partners, Armat Group, Disruptive VC, and Whip Media organiser Richard Rosenblatt. Since its establishment in 2015, Tailor Brands has managed to bring together a total of $70 million.

The platform generates a one-of-a-kind online brand identity that is both easy and affordable. It functions as a kind of consultant for customers, assisting them through business operations.


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