Cadbury Dairy Milk recreates its iconic ad ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ and breaks gender stereotype


In 1994, Mondelez India’s confectionery brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk, launched an iconic campaign, ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ in India. Shimona Rashi was the face of the confectionary company’s ad as she sat on the sides of a cricket match, consuming Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. When the cricketer hits the winning run, she dashes through security, interrupts the game, and dances on the field to enjoy her cricketer-boyfriend’s victory. At the same time, “asli swaad zindagi ka” tagline plays in the background. Ogilvy conceptualized the advertisement mainly because they wanted to break the adulting stereotype that only children can eat chocolate.

It’s 2021 now, and the confectionary giant came back with the nostalgic, iconic ad. But this time, there is a twist – a gender swap. In the place of the male cricketer, it is a woman, and the man sits on the margin of the women’s cricket match. When his presumed girlfriend hits the winning run, he runs past the security and sprints to his girlfriend to hug her with a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar in his hand. The “asli swaad zindagi ka” tagline played in the background.

India is a country where male domination and gender inequality happens a lot. In sports, cricket is considered the most significant sport that likely the only male can play. For decades, this has been the perception of Indians, but Cadbury Diary Milk and Ogilvy came with a beautiful twist, not only breaking the stereotype of only children eating chocolate but also turning the gender roles to show how even girls can play cricket, moreover win matches. The ad is gaining a lot of attention on social media for its beautiful turn.

The film concludes with the strong statement of #GoodLuckGirls, which recognizes today’s inclusive society where females are smashing down walls and achieving their aspirations. The campaign video coincides with IPL, which restarted on 19th September, and the Indian women’s cricket team touring Australia later in September.

According to Anil Viswanathan, senior director of marketing at Mondelez India, the ad honours female success in sports and in general. “It was a young creative in Ogilvy who came up with the idea, and we instantly loved it. Clearly, that ad was iconic, it created a trend, and it was culture leading at that point in time, and we feel that this representation also has the potential to be culture leading,” he said. “From acing in the corporate world to winning Olympic medals, women are at the forefront of creating new milestones every single day, and our film is an ode to each one of them,” he added.

Everyone is praising the commercial since it is well-deserved.


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