Two moons appeared in night sky over Dubai – A superficial phenomena or reality?


Previously in 2021, after seeing two moons in the evening skies, Dubai residents were dragged into a state of astonishment as they had witnessed a bizarre phenomenon. Photos of the two moons in the sky quickly became a craze on the internet, prompting many people to believe that either Nibiru, the rebel planet, is currently on its way to collide with the Earth or it’s just the magic of photoshop.

Well, both the assumptions are incorrect. The two moon-like bodies in the sky were really projections of Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos.

The projections were created by UAE’s Media Office using super-realistic sky mapping technology on a 40-meter holo show screen held by two 70-meter long cranes to commemorate Hope Probe’s tryst with Mars.

As UAE’s first exploration landed at the blood-red planet, the thought behind the trick was to replicate what could be seen from the floor of Mars for humans on Earth. After generating enough murmur, the experts revealed the reality behind the perplexing wonder in articulation. They invited everyone to join them in the live stream to see the UAE’s arrival on Mars.


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